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"The Chicago/Traverse City duo of Levi Britton and Dan Myers fronts the six-piece Stolen Silver band that not only spans some miles between their home bases, but spans pop-rock, Americana and indie-folk in exceptionally engaging fashion"
- John Sinkevics, Grand Rapids, MI,

"Their 2011 self-titled release, a record full of exquisitely produced and intriguingly orchestrated modern folk music that builds and expands..."
- Craig Manning, Western Herald, Kalamazoo, MI

"A harmony-driven folk-pop master in Chicago...I heard the audio from my on board camera and it sounded multi-tracked"
- Rooftop Sessions

‎"Oaken harmonies to fit somewhere between Fleet Foxes and Seryn...You can call them the local chapter of Bon Iver-induced soft-rock revival"
- Steve Forsteneger, Illinois Entertainer, Jan 31, 2012

"Midwestern duo Stolen Silver...soulful folk music with strong vocals and intricate harmonies"
- Redeye Chicago

"Quirky, cool, and mostly acoustic"
- Timeout Chicago


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